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TSG4100A Series RF Analog/Vector Signal Generator

Introducing the TSG4100A RF Vector Signal Generator – the Disruption in the RF Test Market by Tektronix Continues.

The TSG4100A is suitable for education and research labs, general purpose R&D, and high volume production test applications. Its remarkable phase noise and amplitude accuracy make for an effective solution for basic spectral measurements such as linearity and ACPR and the more advanced receiver sensitivity and selectivity.




AFG1000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator

Best price performance in its class. Tailored for education users.
With 25 MHz or 60MHz bandwidth, 2 output channels, 1 mVpp to 10 Vpp output amplitude across full bandwidth, Tektronix AFG1000 Arbitrary/Function Generator generates all kinds of waveforms needed in a lab. Most importantly, it offers the best value for money in the Tektronix line-up of arbitrary function generators.




AFG2000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator

Performance. Versatility. Value. Nothing wrong with having it all.
Usually, generating a range of signals requires investment in a high-end signal generator. Introducing the Tektronix AFG2000. With 20 MHz bandwidth, 14-bit resolution, and 250 MS/s sample rate, the AFG2021 Arbitrary / Function Generator can create simple and complex signals. But perhaps its most impressive feature is its entry-level price.


 AFG3000 front three quarter  

AFG3000C Series Arbitrary Function Generator

Unmatched Performance, Versatility and Ease-of-Use.
Today's designs are often complex, demanding a variety of stimulus signals during test. With 12 standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform capability, and signal impairment options, the AFG3000C Series Arbitrary / Function Generator supports a wide range of application needs with one instrument. Best-in-class performance ensures signals are accurately reproduced. A large display and 25 shortcut keys make the AFG3000C Series Arbitrary / Function Generator both easy to learn and easy to use.


 Tektronix AFG31000 arbitrary function generator  

NEW MODEL!! AFG31000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator


The AFG31000 series with InstaView™ technology is the first high-peformance AFG with built-in waveform generation applications, patented real-time wave monitoring, and a modern user interface.



AWG5000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Most Versatile Signal Generator for Today's Complex Signals.
With 14 Bit vertical resolution up to 1.2 GS/s, 4 analog, and 32 digital channel outputs, the AWG5000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator is the ideal solution for versatile mixed signal generation. The AWG5000 Series gives you a unique combination of analog and digital output performance allowing you to generate analog and digital IQ, as well as IF signals in a single instrument. With the addition of advance sequencing and dynamic jump capability, extremely complex waveforms can easily be created to more closely simulate real world environments.



NEW MODEL!! Tektronix AWG5200 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Less Noise. Cleaner Signals.

The AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator meets demanding signal generation needs with high signal fidelity and the ability to scale up to 32 or more channels with multi-unit synchronization at an affordable price. Ideal for advanced research, electronic test and radar, and electronic warfare system design and test.



 AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator  

NEW MODEL!! AWG70000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Setting the standard for Arbitrary Waveform Generation.
The industry-leading AWG70000 Series arbitrary waveform generator represents the cutting edge in sample rate, signal fidelity, and waveform memory.The ability to create, generate, or replicate ideal, distorted, or “real-life” signals is essential in design, testing and operations of some of the world’s most complex components, systems and experiments. The AWG70000 Series, with up to 50 GS/s and 10-bit vertical resolution, delivers the industry's best signal stimulus solution, enabling easy generation of complex signals.



Signal Generator Software

RFXpress delivers advanced capabilities to synthesize digitally modulated baseband, IF and RF/microwave signals supporting a wide range of modulation schemes. RFXpress simplifies waveform creation. 

SerialXpress® (SDX100)
SerialXpress® together with the AWG simplifies the signal creation and jitter simulations to reduce overall development and test time. The software enables the creation of the EXACT waveforms required for thorough and repeatable design validation, margin/characterization and conformance testing. SerialXpress' easy to use graphical user interface allows for a combination of test signals and various impairments including Inter Symbol Interferences (ISI), Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD), Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC), Pre-emphasis and noise. 

Designers often need to validate their designs under real-world conditions, requiring complex stimulus signals during test. With ArbExpress® software, waveforms can be quickly created and transferred to Tektronix arbitrary waveform and function generators to meet custom stimulus requirements.