High Speed Serial / Optical Communications

Research & Development or Standard Compliance Testing




Our innovative test solutions allow you to see aspects of your signals that were previously invisible, giving you the insight to increase the capabilities of your systems, shorten your design cycle and meet the challenges that you face.

Radar Test and Electronic Warfare
Spectrum Management
WLAN Testing
Serial Data Analysis
Serial Data Link Analysis


  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers:
    • Validate your transmitter design with speed and confidence with the unique features of the RSA series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers, including DPXTM live RF display and the advanced pulse measurement suite.
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators:
    • With the highest speed AWG's available, you can generate unique signals for your application. Through RFXpress® and our RF environment simulator package we give you the tools that you need to quickly develop and test the complex RF environment that you need to validate your design.
  • Oscilloscope-based Solutions:
    • Using our SignalVu Vector Analysis software and our suite of oscilloscopes, you can analyze signals up to 33GHz wide with the same tools used on our Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.


Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Oscilloscope-Based Solutions

RSA5000.png  AWG70000.png mdo4000_lrg

Real-Time Signal Analyzer

  • World-class radar analysis including CW and LFM chirp analysis.
  • Max, Min, Average, and Histogram statistical analyses are built in.
  • DPX spectrum, with Amplitude, Phase, and Frequency real-time
  • Compatible with the H500
    handheld analyzer and the
    DPO/MDO oscilloscopes.


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Environment Generator

  • Radar Plugin: Build
    complex radars from
  • Radar/EW Environment
    Simulation: Generate
    dozens of signals at once,
    even with overlapping





Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

  • NEW! Significant Spectrum Analyzer performance enhancements to support Wi-Fi test and for general RF measurements.
    • Improved dynamic range
    • Significantly better phase noise
  • NEW! Vector Signal Analysis Software turns it into the industry’s only GHz capture bandwidth vector signal analyzer.

  • NEW! Wi-Fi transmitter testing capabilities.