Introducing the industry's most accurate characterization of high-speed signal behavior enabled by patented ATI interleaving technology.


Specs you won't find anywhere else.


70GHz Analog Bandwidth

200GS/s Sample Rate

4.3 ps Rise Time (20/80)

>25GHz Edge Trigger

5.25" Compact Form Factor

Channel-to-Channel Jitter <500fs


Patented ATI Technology for premium signal fidelity.


Tektronix revolutionizes the scope industry yet again with Asynchronous Time Interleaving (ATI).

By sampling the entire spectrum through two ADCs, the DPO70000SX Oscilloscope averages data to provide the lowest noise and maximum performance.

ATI is the Gold Standard for Performance Oscilloscopes, and it's only available from Tektronix.


Step up to a scalable, flexible architecture.

   With innovative Tektronix UltraSync architecture, the DPO70000SX ensures plug and play flexibility while providing tighter channel-to-channel timing than many of today's multi-channel oscilloscopes.

Provides clean signals. Not to mention cleaner benches.


With the smallest form factor in the industry, the DPO70000SX enables engineers to place the scope’s acquisition system closer to the DUT. Signal degradation is minimized, thanks to shorter cabling, and because engineers can move instrument control and analysis, they preserve valuable test bench space, as well.



Engineered to take on today’s high-speed signals.
Tomorrow’s, too.

Easy upgrade paths – Start with 100G today, scale to 400G tomorrow
Sync up to four scopes or operate as a stand-alone instrument
3- or 5-year Gold Care service plans
Access to full suite of software analysis and MATLAB™ Tools
Calibration and repair customized to your solution


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