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6½-Bench/System Digital Multimeter

A touchscreen bench/production test DMM with more measurement capability - including transient capture, data visualization, and analysis – at the price of other 6½-digit DMMs with far less performance.


The most recognizable feature of the DMM6500 is the large 5-inch (12.7 cm) capacitive touch screen display that makes it easy to observe, interact with, and explore measurements with “pinch and zoom” simplicity. Beyond its display technology, the DMM 6500 superior analogue  measurement performance delivers 25 PPM basic DCV accuracy for one year and 30 PPM for two years, potentially allowing you to extend your calibration cycles.


A wider range of measurements

Get 15 built-in measurement functions, including digitizing, capacitance, and temperature. Make low current and low resistance measurements on low-power devices. Capture transient signals with the built-in digitizer. See two measurements simultaneously to maximize test data. The DMM6500 eliminates the need for additional instruments.




Visualize data and identify measurement trends with the ease of a touchscreen

Get instant measurement insight, such as capturing transient signals and seeing data trends and statistics right on the touchscreen, so you can analyze your data faster and eliminate making additional measurements.


  • Display plots of waveforms including overlays of one waveform over another.

  • Pinch and zoom features allow studying transients and signal waveshapes.

  • User cursors and computer statistics to characterize waveforms.















Expand to ten measurement channels

If you need to look at more devices simultaneously or make multi-point measurements on a device, you can select an optional scan card that gives you up to 10 measurement channels without needing to buy more instruments.




Greater production test throughput and lower cost of test
  • Make measurements as short as 0.0005 power line cycles or 8.3 µs (10 µs) for 60 Hz (50 Hz) power lines.

  • Use on-instrument, intelligent, command and control processing to reduce PC communication for reduced test time.



Read this application note to learn more about Data Logging of Power Profiles from Wireless IoT and Other Low-Power Devices
DMM6500 Datalogging AppNote thumb










Get an extensive set of interface options

Standard LAN LXI and USB plus optional GPIB, RS-232, and TSP-Link® interfaces




No need to write new code while upgrading

Get code emulation for popular Keithley and competitive DMMs allowing you quick and easy code conversion and faster upgrade.






Measurement Functions






100 nV
10 pA
1 µOhm

1 Msamples/s
16 bits

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Watch this video on capturing complex signals with a graphical sampling DMM Play icon.png


Capture and analyze complex waveforms and transient signals

The DMM6500 can do more than just provide readings on the display. It can also plot a waveform captured with its digitizer. Using the touchscreen, sections of the waveform can be expanded using pinch and zoom functionality. In addition, cursors and statistics provide further detail on the characteristics of the signal. Capture waveforms and transients with:

  • 1Msample/s, 16-bit digitizer.

  • Pinch and zoom manipulation of a signal.

  • Statistics, such as average, maximum value, minimum value, and standard deviation on signal segments defined by horizontal and vertical cursors.


Expand test capacity by measuring up to 10 devices in a single test setup

Add an optional multiplexer card to the DMM6500 and measure at multiple points on a single device or make measurements on up to 10 devices. Use the multiplexer cards to expand system capacity or take time-saving measurements on one device.


  • Measure up to 10 channels of voltage or 2-wire resistance or up to 5 channels of 4-wire resistance with the optional 2000-SCAN card.

  • Measure up to 9 channels of temperature with thermocouples using the optional 2001-TCSCAN multiplexer card. The card has an internal cold junction compensation reference sensor.















DMM6500 Application 2

Watch this video to see how to use the DMM6510 to get the best low resistance measurements possible Play icon.png



Measure cable and connector resistance with high sensitivity and excellent accuracy

Measurement of low resistance requires good techniques to eliminate thermal errors and test lead resistance. With the DMM6500 you can:

  • Measure with 1 µΩ sensitivity.

  • Use the 4-wire resistance measurement function to eliminate test lead error.

  • Use offset compensation to eliminate thermal contact error.



Maximize throughput in manufacturing test

Reduce test time with faster measurements. Also test up to 10 devices in one test setup. Further minimize communication with the PC using the built-in intelligence of the DMM6500. The DMM6500 can control other instruments in a test system.


  • Make measurements as short as 0.0005 power line cycles or 8.3 µs (10 µs) for 60 Hz (50 Hz) power lines.

  • Use Keithley’s internal-instrument, Test Script Processor (TSP®) to execute a test and to control other TSP- or LAN-based instruments.

  • Use the optional 10-channel scanner card or the optional 9-channel temperature scanner card to test more devices with one test setup.

DMM6500 Application 3