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Vicom Ex-Demonstration Equipment

Perfect for when you need the performance from your test equipment but are strapped for cash!

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KickStart 2 Introduction - FREE Base Model

KICKSTARTFL-BASE is discounted to $0 with the purchase of one Model DMM6500 Digital Multimeter or one Model DAQ6510 Data Acquisition / Multimeter System.



Until further notice
Free Keithley 4200A SMU Sales Promotion_201812_New Zealand_promo

The Parameter Analyser You’ve Always Wanted: Now its time

FREE MODULE OFFER on Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers 

For a limited time, time get  a Free 4200 SMU Module with the purchase of 2 or more 4200-SMUs or 4210-SMUs. 

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4200A Parameter Analyser 28th June 2019
Simplify Your Power Analysis with 5 Series MSO_201903_New Zealand_promo

Simplify Your Power Analysis

Get a new 5-Series MSO and get 5-PWR FREE!

For a limited time, when you purchase a new MSO56 or MSO58 you will receive Power Analysis option 5-PWR at no charge.

5-Series MSO 28th June 2019
Overcome Your Signal Generation Challenges with the AWG5200 promo

Overcome Your Signal Generation Challenges

Get ONE free Plug-In or Option with a new AWG5200

Simulating today’s testing environment is complex. Sometimes you’re reproducing real-life signals where fidelity is critical. Other times you’re generating complex multi-layered signal environments or triggering dozens of precision instruments in complex research experiments like quantum computing. With Tektronix's AWG5200, you can get the fidelity, flexibility and scalability you need

 AWG5200 28th June 2019 

Tektronix Free Oscilloscope Application Bundle promotion_201903


Tektronix Free Oscilloscope Application Bundle Sales Promotion

More Power to you Scope

For a limited time only, we-re giving you the chance to receive a FREE application bundle when you purchase a model from the MSO/DPO2000B, MDO3000 and MDO4000C Series





 28th June 2019


Keithley Faster Connectivity Control Software Promotion

Purchase a new SMU and get the Control Software at 90% discount or more!

From now till 30th August, purchase a qualifying Keithley Source Measure Units and get either the Kickstart Sofware FREE or the ACS Basic Edition at 94% discount.

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Source Measure Units (SMUs)

30th August 2019