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Optical Fibre Testers

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Fibre Tools for Every Technician

Fiber optic cleaning, inspection, testing and monitoring requires diverse tool sets and capabilities to remain effective in today’s diverse communications technology landscape. Advanced fiber optic tools enable expedient certification, troubleshooting and maintenance while monitoring equipment and cutting edge OTDR devices support the uninterrupted integrity of sensitive fiber optic networks.

Collectively, these tools provide the means to deploy and sustain vital fiber optic networks and keep them performing optimally.


OTDR & Fibre Characterization

Fast, cost effective and innovative solutions for fibre test and certification for long-haul, metro, FTTx/PON, telco access and enterprise/data centre networks.

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Viavi OTDR Family


Optical Loss Test Sets

OLTS from VIAVI: The fastest and easiest solutions for Tier 1 fiber certification



Optical Light Sources

The OLS-85 inspection-ready optical light source is the ideal partner to the SmartClass Fiber OLP-85 and OLP-85P to perform automatic loss test.

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VIAVI OLS-85 Light Sources

VIAVI OLP-85P Optical Power Meters


Optical Power Meters

With a 100 dB dynamic range, the OLP-85 and -85P optical power meters are perfect for any fiber-optic network power or loss test application.



Fiber Inspection & Cleaning

At VIAVI, fiber inspection is the core of their industry leading fiber optic test solutions portfolio.

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VIAVI Fibre Inspection Probe family