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8 out of 10 engineers around the world trust Tektronix to help them debug and test tomorrow's designs faster. With the broadest portfolio of digital oscilloscopes available, the richest set of product features, the most extensive analysis capability and our award-winning service and support, Tektronix has the right oscilloscope to meet your need. Learn more about the different types of oscilloscopes available:


Oscilloscope Selection Guide

From basic signal-checking to high-performance analysis, this selection guide gives an overview of the complete range of oscilloscopes from Tektronix. Comparison tables give high-level specifications and features, and indicate the major differences between each series of oscilloscope. It also includes a matrix showing serial protocols supported by each Tektronix oscilloscope series.

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 Comprehensive support for Electrical and Optical Communication standards

  • Over 120 automatic measurements, histograms and eye diagram testing with automated mask margins.
  • Time Domain Reflectrometry and S-parameters
  • Jitter, Noise, BER Analysis
  • Supports ultra-low jitter acquisition to <100fs

   Image Bandwidth Analog Channels Range
DSA8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope DC - 80 GHz Determined by the sampling modules used, up to8 channels