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Keithley 2182A Nanovoltmeter

Keithley Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter

  • Stable, low noise, voltage measurements
  • Also measures current, resistance, and temperature
  • Dual channels
  • Wide range of response times
  • Characterize low resistance materials and devices

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Keithley Ultra-low resistance configurations


Keithley Ultra-low Resistance Configurations

  • Resistance measurement ranges include 10n ohm -100M ohm
  • Resistance measurement sensitivity of 1µ ohm or 100n ohm
  • 3-1/2 digit to 7-1/2 digit resolution
  • Difference conductance measurements (622x/2182A)
  • Delta mode for low noise measurements (622x/2182A)


Keithley 6200 Series Ultra-sensitive current soures image


Keithley 6200 Series Ultra-sensitive Current Souces

  • AC and DC current sources combine ease of use with exceptionally low current noise
  • Low current sourcing is critical to applications in test environments ranging from R&D to production, especially in the semiconductor, nanotechnology, and superconductor industries
  • High sourcing accuracy and built-in control functions make the Models 6220 and 6221 ideal for applications like Hall measurements, resistance measurements using delta mode, pulsed measurements, and differential conductance measurements


Keithley 6400 Series Picoammeters


Keithley 6400 Series Picoammeters

  • Measure current to <1fA
  • Voltage and resistance measurement options
  • Voltage burden <200µV (most models)
  • 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 digit resolution (most models)
  • Feedback ammeter design for higher accuracy


 Keithley Electrometers


Keithley 6500 & 6400 Series High Resistance / Low Current Electrometers

  • Measure low current & high voltage, resistance, and charge
  • Resistance measurements to 10P ohm
  • Current sensitivity as low as 400aA
  • Voltage burden as low as 200µV
  • Superior accuracy and sensitivity