ShinewayTech MTP-200X Series OTDR

High Performance Portable OTDR


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Once you've read about the MTP-200X below, why not click on the Vicom OTDR Selection Guide and find out which models are ideal for YOUR applications?

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The Solid, Reliable and Affordable OTDR for the Australia and New Zealand Fibre Industry

The new ShinewayTech® MTP-200X series OTDRs are a major upgrade with outstanding 8-inch HD color touch screen, powerful platform performance, new operating system and smaller size than previous models. MTP-200X series are specially designed for the full range of optical applications from access to backbone and can meet all test requirements of installers, contractors and service operators during network installation, construction, maintenance and troubleshooting.


Multifunction and High Performance OTDR Testing

  • Multi-wavelength testing

  • Dynamic Range up to 50dB

  • Short dead zones: EDZ 0.8m, ADZ 4.5m

  • Auto/Manual test and analysis

  • Visible laser source function

  • Live Fibre test and Through Splitter test(1625/1650nm with filter)

  • OTDR modules up to 4 wavelengths with SM/MM Options

  • Fault locating, fiber length/loss/return loss measurement, connector/ splice/ splitter/ macro bend/fiber-end detection

  • LAN/WAN/FTTx application

  • GR-196-CORE (.SOR) file format

  • SOR and JPG file format

  • Flexible file Naming

ShinewayTech MTP-200X Trace View

Optimised Platform Performance

  • Lightweight, 1.5kG

  • 8 inch HD colour touch screen

  • Excellent user interface for easy operation

  • Water-dust-shock proof

  • Optimized power management: 6 hours continuous operation

  • Linux operating system

  • VNC / VPN supported

ShinewayTech MTP-200X Connectors

MTP Suite PC Software

  • Multi traces analysis

  • Single/multi traces printing in one report

  • Batch editing and printing

  • Bidirectional traces analysis

  • CSV report formats

  • Remote control function

MTP Suite PC Software

Network Remote Control (optional)

  • Convenient networking

  • VNC Supported

 ShinewayTech MTP-200X Remote Control

Optical Connector Inspector Module (optional)

  • Focusing knob for fast focus
  • Eye-safe and clear video viewing
  • Interchangeable connector tips

ShinewayTech MTP-200X Optical Connector Inspector

Stabilised Laser Source Option

  • Wavelength same as the OTDR

  • High precision and easy operation

ShinewayTech MTP-200X Laser Source Option

Optical Power Meter Module (optional)

  • Multi-wavelength Calibration
  • High Precision
  • Convenient Operation

ShinewayTech MTP-200X Optical Power Meter Module


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Approx Distance
(see note below)

MTP-200X-20VC 1 SM 1310/1550 38/37 120-150
MTP-200X-20VD 1 SM 1310/1550 45/43 140-170
MTP-200X-20VF 1 SM 1310/1550 50/48 160-190 
MTP-200X-31VCPL SM 1310/1550 42/41 130-160
  SM filtered 1625   40 120-150
MTP-200X-33VC  1 SM 1310/1550/1625 42/40/39 120-160
MTP-200X-40VC 1 SM 1310/1400/1550 38/36 110-140
  2 MM 850/1300 23/36  

NOTE:“Distance” above refers to the approximate fibre distance that can accurately be certified based on 0.2dB/km fibre loss @ 1550nm (0.22dB for 1625/1650 only OTDRs) & 0.1dB splices every 2km. Note too that for the same distance, test times reduce with dynamic range increase – roughly half the test time for every 2-3dB increase in dynamic range.
Measurement Range (range of accurate measurement) is approx 8 dB less than Dynamic Range (range to find end-of-fibre)


ShinewayTech MTP-200X Data Sheet