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 VIAVI Optimeter Last Mile FTTx Test and Certification tool

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Last Mile FTTx Test and Certification


A simple to use, intelligent optical fibre meter that performs a full certification and troubleshooting of a fibre link in less than 1 min.



  • Ramp-up new fibre techs faster

  • Deliver repeatable test procedure for improved first time install success rate

  • Reduce ‘repair tech’ hand offs, blind fault finding and unnecessary fibre or equipment replacements

  • Reduce activation delays and guarantee time to revenue

  • Streamline job allocation, workflow and reporting, removing manual processes

  • Track project/deployment progress in real time with KPI dashboards



VIAVI Optimeter - No Training Required

No Training Required

VIAVI Optimeter - Reliable Fibre Meter

Reliable Fibre Meter

<1min Test Time

VIAVI Optimeter - Test Process Automation

Test Process Automation


Why is Fibre Testing Important?

With the boom in demand for fibre infrastructure service providers and contractors are under significant pressure to deploy fibre quickly and cost-effectively, while ensuring a high quality, reliable installations. No test or limited test often looks like a good way to reduce deployment cost and time however, it is proven that a lack of testing leads to activation delay, excessive troubleshooting, and loss of revenue. Proper testing during construction and installation phases is the only way to certify the fibre link and provide a record of compliance to ensure successful first-time turn-up and reduce unnecessary truck rolls or repeats.

Optimeter provides everything a new fibre tech needs in one simple and fast solution. In just 1 minute with a single fibre connection and 1 key press any tech can completely validate and certify a link to ensure smooth service installation and activation

What Comes with your Optimeter Fibre Kit?

  • Optimeter mainframe with battery, power supply & stylus pen

  • In-line dual-band power meter for light levels verification

  • Fibre meter for fault finding and link mapping

  • USB connectivity supporting P5000i inspection probe

  • WiFi connectivity supporting VIAVI Mobile Tech App & FiberChek inspection probe

  • Custom soft bag with strap to carry the unit and manage all accessories

Which options/accessories are also available?

  • VFL (red light) built into the Optimeter mainframe

  • Ruggedized launch cable, managed in custom soft bag

  • SmartAccess Anywhere (SAA) application for remote operation and coaching

  • Hookstrap to attach the Optimeter anywhere

  • Large soft carrying case

  • PP5000i and FiberChek inspection probes


Key Features

Easy as 1-2-3

  • No special training is needed to understand how to operate the Optimeter – new fibre techs are ready to test from day one!

  • Turn the meter on, connect the fibre, and the unit automatically checks the light level(s). With a single key press, the meter performs fibre link verification and shows a simple link map with all elements clearly identified.

  • All results are presented on a single screen. No need to navigate between different screens and menus.

 VIAVI Optimeter Easy as 1-2-3

Smart and Powerful

  • Eliminates manual settings errors leading to incorrect event/fault diagnosis and future dispatches.

  • Fault-finding test feature gives the tech a simple but powerful troubleshooting tool.

  • Diagnose any fibre issue immediately while still on-site and determine ownership of the repair.

 VIAVI Optimeter - Smart and Powerful

Test Rapidly. Share Results Instantly

  • Optimeter takes less than one minute to certify fibre links and reduce the number of borderline installs and early install failure rates.

  • Light power level(s) and fibre link map are captured and saved automatically on test completion in a single test report organized by job number.

  • With the VIAVI Mobile Tech App, test reports can be wirelessly transferred to a smartphone or tablet and further enhanced with geolocation data, then automatically uploaded direct to VIAVI StrataSync Test Process Automation suite for KPI dashboarding and reporting.

 VIAVI Optimeter - Test Rapidly. Share Results Instantly

Designed with the user in mind

  • The Optimeter comes with a “glove” case as standard for increased portability and to protect it from scratches and damage while keeping essential accessories (cleaner, launch cable, inspection scope, etc.) organized, accessible, and secure when a tech is on the go.

  • An innovative launch cable that can remain connected to the Optimeter at all times reduces the risk of damaging the test connector. Optimeter also systematically checks the condition of its test port and test lead to prevent any bad measurements or inaccurate results.

 VIAVI Optimer - Designed with the User in Mind


Work Efficiently

Allows your team to deliver expert-level test results and close projects on the first try, every time. TPA is a closed loop test system that optimizes workflows, eliminates manual, error prone work and automates immediate data reporting for job close out, team progress updates and network health analytics. Execute jobs efficiently to ensure high quality network builds, rapid turn-up/activation and enhanced operational visibility.


 VIAVI Optimeter - Work Efficiently

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