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Keithley SMU and KickStart Software Bundle Promotion


Are you still writing your own test software?

Increase speed and efficiency by making measurements with Kickstart software. KickStart simplifies what you need to know about the instrument so that in just minutes you can take the instrument out of the box and get real data on your device. By plotting data immediately and offering quick statistical summaries of the data.


Get up to 20% OFF with a bundle purchase of Keithley SMU and KickStart Software.

 Keithley SMU and KickStart Software Bundle Promotion




Get More. For Less.

Accelerate the path to the measurements you want when you pair up the Keithley SMU and KickStart Software.

Simplify what you need to know about your SMU in just minutes and get real data on your device. 



2400 Graphical Series SMUs

Keithley 2400 Graphical Series SMU instruments offer four-quadrant precision voltage and current source/load coupled with measurement now on an intuitive touchscreen user interface. These instruments can simultaneously source and measure current from 10 fA to 10 A pulse and/or voltage from 100 nV to 1100 V for 1000 W pulse and 100 W DC total power, allowing users to Touch, Test, Invent®.

2400 Series Graphical SMUs


2600B Series SMUs

Keithley’s Series 2600B System SMU instruments are the industry standard current-voltage source and measure solution for highly automated production test applications. Both dual- and single-channel models tightly integrate a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, and electronic load with pulse generating capabilities.


2600B Series SMUs


Eligible Models

  2450 button 2461 button   2601B button 2602B button 2611B button
  2460 button 2470 button   2612B button 2635B button 2636B button


Terms and Conditions

  • Order must be placed no later than 31st Dedember 2020 to Vicom New Zealand Ltd.
  • Promotion applies to purchase of new instruments only. Tektronix Encore or Used units are excluded.
  • Not combinable with any other sales program, EDU discount of VBA discount.
  • Vicom and Tektronix reserve the right to change or cancel this program at any time.