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Digital Radio Testing:

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 8800SX in use

8800SX and Digital Radio

Although digital modulation alignments are similar to alignments used in analog radio systems, digital radios require more precise alignment to achieve optimum performance and must be verified for digital modulation performance.

  • Proper alignment can improve systems performance to maximize and deliver the high performance that it was designed to provide.

  • Improper alignments can cause degraded digital modulation accuracy, which has a significant impact on the receiver’s ability to recover digital data. In some instances, this can affect the range to the same extent as a 75% reduction in power.

 Emergency services communications

  • The proper setting of audio filter parameters and the use of accurate deviation meters can also improve digital radio performance.

  • Conversely, the use of inaccurate FM deviation meters compounded by improper audio filter settings and lack of knowledge of meter specifications and operation, can dramatically and negatively impact digital radio performance.

The 8800SX offers excellent specifications; easy to use touch screen interface and test formats can be pre-loaded to improve repeatability

The 8800SX supports MOTOTRBO™ (DMR), P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Systems, NXDN™ and  dPMR™ options and features internal battery and external 10MHz reference.

8800SX and P25

The 8800SX features new software for testing a wide variety of Motorola and other OEM radio systems and also features a new external 10 MHz reference designed to ensure that Land Mobile Radio end users have the best equipment to ensure their radio equipment is operating at the highest standard.

The 8800SX has been reviewed and approved by Motorola for maintaining all Motorola technologies including GTR8000 P25 Phase 2 and LSM systems.


8800SX and DMR

The 8800SX features a wide range of Auto-Test functionality for Motorola and other OEM radios as well as the new DMR repeater test option that provides the synchronized transmitter protocol messaging to activate a DMR repeater base station without the need for special control software for parametric testing.

The DMR Repeater test option allows testing of a DMR Repeater that is in conventional DMR Mode. (Trunked or analog configurations are not supported.)

  • This feature will simulate a subscriber radio by generating a Wakeup burst and then synchronizes with the downlink signal from the repeater to allow the repeater to transmit. While the repeater is transmitting, some transmitter parametric measurements can be made.


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