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Digital Radio Testing:

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Radio Testing with the Cobam 3920B Radio Test Set

3920B and Digital Radio

Although digital modulation alignments are similar to alignments used in analog radio systems, digital radios require more precise alignment to achieve optimum performance and must be verified for digital modulation performance.

  • Proper alignment can improve systems performance to maximize and deliver the high performance that it was designed to provide.

  • Improper alignments can cause degraded digital modulation accuracy, which has a significant impact on the receiver’s ability to recover digital data. In some instances, this can affect the range to the same extent as a 75% reduction in power.

 Emergency services communications

Arguably the most comprehensive software defined test solution on the market today, the 3920B offers low phase noise, 10Mhz to (optionally) 2.7GHz operation and a high performance spectrum analyzer, dual channel oscilloscope and analog meters.

3920B and TETRA


The 3920B can be freely configured to emulate a TETRA network by selection of the appropriate channel plan, country code, network code, color code, etc. Once configured, registration, group attachment and TETRA call types including group call, private call, emergency call, telephone call and user defined call can all be tested. SDS messages (types 1 to 4 and SDS-TL) can be sent or received.

The TETRA MS and TETRA BS options provides various T1 test signals as defined in ETSI EN 300 394-1 for performing manual testing of TETRA base station and mobile stations receivers. The test signal T1 in the MS T1 application provides control information to the mobile to aid testing, e.g. burst type, max, TX power, loopback commands.

The TETRA MS option provides support for the TETRA Test (TT) protocol as defined in ETSI EN 300 394-1. The TT protocol allows the mobile to be tested in a loopback mode whereby the mobiles BER, MER and BER can all be reported.

The 3920B also supports the testing of Direct Mode Operation. The 3920B can initiate or receive calls from a mobile that is operating in direct mode and then make transmitter measurements such as power, frequency error and modulation accuracy.

3920B Companion Products


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