With a wide variety of technology and specialised equipment we can assist you with a range of solutions.



Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Solutions

learn how to: Take the mysteries out of EMI/EMC test setup, Troubleshoot to speed up debug work, Test to standards, Compile a complete pre-compliance testing solution

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Working with Multi-fibre MPO Connectors

Multi-fibre Push On (MPO) connectors increase your data capacity with a highly efficient use of space and are becoming prevalent in many areas of communications

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Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

6 Key challenges of the internet of things

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Education Solutions 

Teaching Lab Instrument managment

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Intelligent GPS Repeater Systems

An Intelligent Repeater system, a solution for GPS location of people or assets in indoor/underground environments

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Electrochemistry solutions - vicom.png

Electrochemistry Solutions

High Accuracy sensitibe intruments and systems to source and measure potential and current

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