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What Is Calibration?

 Service - Measure Adjust Measure Calibration involves comparing / adjusting an Instrument against known references and the supply of documentation as verification of this. The purpose is to give the user an improved confidence in the measurements subsequently made by the Instrument. The level of improvement of confidence in the measurements made by the instrument after calibration is very much dependent of the type (or quality) of the calibration done.


Why Is Accreditation Important?

 Service - Accreditation

The use of an accredited facility for calibration means that the calibration facility must conform with standards as defined by the accreditation authority, and hence there should be a higher level of confidence in the quality of the calibration work done. In Australia, NATA is the prime accreditation body for calibration labs.

Vicom’s quality management practices are consistent with ISO17025. Our objectives are:

  • Turnaround time is kept to a minimum
  • High standards of workmanship
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Value for money

For the majority of instruments, Vicoms standard calibration price includes:

  • Adjustment and measurement of the unit.
  • Pre and post adjustment results
  • Statements of uncertainty
  • Statements of traceability.

This approach ensures that your instrument is optimized  for maximum accuracy as well as complying with ISO17025 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibrating laboratories).

Vicom has maintained its status as a NATA accredited company since 1987.


What does ISO/IEC 17025 Compliant Mean?

 Service - What does ISO17025 mean

ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is the main ISO standard used by testing and calibration laboratories. In most countries, ISO/IEC 17025 is the standard for which most labs must hold accreditation in order to be deemed technically competent. In many cases, suppliers and regulatory authorities will not accept test or calibration results from a lab that is not accredited.

As part of our  NATA accreditation, conformance with standard ISO17025,  is required.

The accreditation of a calibration laboratory can be checked by going to website This will show the scope of accreditation including the range of measurement areas for which the lab is accredited, and the least uncertainties of measurement that the lab is capable of.


What are NATA Endorsed Reports ?

  NATA Endorsed Reports

A NATA endorsed report is recognized internationally, and in most cases is the highest level of calibration report. NATA endorsed reports are usually required in the following circumstances

  • For a calibration laboratory which is providing outside calibration services
  • Where there may be a requirement legally to rely on the accuracy of measurements taken with the instrument which has been calibrated.
  • Regulatory or safety requirements mandate it