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Vicoms service centre staff have test equipment experience in R&D, production, installation and maintenance. Coupling this with over ten years service at Vicom, provides the knowledge to understand problems, and repair test equipment in an efficient and economic manner, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

 OEM Support


Service - Manufacturers we represent

Vicom is an OEM service centre for a number of companies in the region. This allows Vicom direct access to the manufacturers’ production, design, and support teams. If an issue has to be escalated we can do this quickly and efficiently, and often overnight.

The other benefits of using an OEM supported centre are that Vicom can:

  • Service and maintain your equipment to the latest software and hardware enhancements. Ensuring that customers have access to the latest developments, which enables customers to improve reliability and productivity.
  • Vicom have direct access to any specialised parts required for the repair of instruments. Reducing the overall downtime for the instrument.
  • Vicom receive on-going training from the manufacturer in the repair and calibration of the test equipment. Thus, contributing to the overall reduction of downtime of customers equipment.
  • Vicom receive from the manufacturer specialist software that is increasingly required for the adjustment and calibration of test equipment.
  • Vicom regularly visits the OEMs to ensure that we are up to date with the latest training, techniques, and future requirements for all products.


The combination of Vicoms experience, OEM support, and Specialist knowledge means that Vicom have a depth of expertise that is unsurpassed within the region. This leads to reduced turnaround times, improved reliability, and a superior level of support.