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Vicom Training

Product Training

Vicom offers operator familiarisation on all test equipment it sells. This training is conducted at a mutually agreed time and place for no additional charge (travel and accommodation may be additional). Whilst duration is dependent to some degree on the equipment type, our experience indicates that 1-2 hours per group should be allocated for this training.

Initial sessions are normally arranged shortly after delivery for the entire group of users for the product in one location. The objective of these sessions is to familiarize participants who have an understanding of the underlying test technology with the operation of the particular piece of equipment.


Skills Training

Practical skills oriented training to provide your staff with an understanding of the underlying technologies, test, methods and approaches. These go beyond operator training to give a basic understanding of the technologies involved, the testing regimes employed and significant practical experience in the testing itself in simulated live situations. Standard courses available include:-

Fundamentals of Fibre Optics,
Advanced Fibre Optics
Introduction to Ethernet Testing
SDH 101
Legacy SDH
Next Generation SDH
OTN & G.709
Land Mobile Radio Troubleshooting and Performance Testing
TETRA Technology and Transceiver Testing
P25 Technology and Testing
DMR Technology and Testing

Please contact us for schedules and pricing.

Customised Training Programs

Vicom provides customised training at your site to suit your specific requirements using its own specialist personnel or, on occasions, those of its suppliers. Please contact us for a quotation.

Vicom Training Credentials

Vicom has become the leading independent provider of telecommunications test and measurement instrumentation, equipment service and calibration within Australia, New Zealand and the South West Pacific. Over the years, we have forged strong long-term relationships with principal suppliers that rank amongst the worlds finest. Together we have the knowledge and expertise to offer the comprehensive training support essential to all users of today’s sophisticated test and measurement products.

e-Learning Self Study Training Courses

Sometimes due to geography or time available, a more practical approach to technical training may be through self-study of on-line training material. This is particularly valuable for initial user product training where the user already has knowledge and expertise in the technolgy area but may not be familiar with the particular piece of test instrument.

In response to customer demand, we have developed a range of eLearning training materials which are available on our web site Resources page.