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Time and Frequency Reference System

Network Time Server (NTP Server)

GPS Jamming Detection Is Now Standard on SecureSync!

SecureSync® harnesses Orolia's leading PNT technology into one flexible, modular platform designed to synchronize critical military and commercial infrastructures that require reliability and security.


About SecureSync 

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  • Multi-GNSS configurations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)

  • Internal precision time-keeping via TCXO, OCXO, or Rubidium oscillator

  • Secure network management and control

  • Built-in high-performance NTP server, PTP options

  • Ruggedized shock and vibration-tested chassis (1RU)

  • Low phase noise frequency options

  • DISA DoDIN Approved options

  • Supports M-Code, SAASM


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SecureSync is the first time and frequency reference system listed on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) Approved Products List (APL)



SecureSync is the key enabler of highly available time and Frequency synchronization distribution architecture. It adapts to demanding infrastructure environments, with extended temperature support (-20°C to +65°C). Time distribution to legacy systems can be acheived with a range of synchronization signals, while timing protocols (NTP, PTP) are available for synchronizing of recent systems through the networks.



SecureSync offers a broad range of flexible design options, including a variety of internal oscillators for holdover and phase noise, and onboard clocks that can be synchronized to many external references. The platform can be configured for specific applications, with the ability to extend the number of options cards on the platform (up to six cards can be accomidated per unit).

Option Cards include:

1PPS, Alarm Relay, ASCII Time Code, Event Broadcast, Frequency Output (1, 5, 10 MHz), Gigabit Ethernet, HAVE QUICK, IRIG, Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Square Wave TTL, STANAG, STL and Other Signals, T1/E1 Output, and Programmable Frequency Output.


SecureSync User Interface

SecureSync® offers set-up, configuration and monitoring in a variety of ways, such as the front panel, RS-232 “console” port, or through many network services. However, its feature-rich browser interface provides the greatest access to all available tools.

SecureSync User Interface Overview



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SecureSync User Interface



Interference Detection and Mitigation

SecureSync is built on a scalable, flexible and highly configurable platform to offer precisely what customers need at the lowest cost of ownership. In addition to interference detection, greater resiliency on SecureSync is available through a multi-layered approach that can leverage anti-jam antennas, Orolia’s complete Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) suite which includes spoofing detection, as well as time error minimization with high performance internal oscillators. Qualified military customers are also eligible for secure military signals such as SAASM and M-Code.

As an encrypted signal 1000x stronger than GNSS, STL is an ideal solution for augmenting GPS or other GNSS constellations for resiliency and security or as a standalone indoor solution when roof access isn’t an option.


SecureSync Interference Detection Suite

IDM Software Suite Precision Timing Option

SecureSync Interference Detection Suite is an interference detection suite that keeps your GPS/GNSS Synchronization safe from vulnerabilities caused by jamming and spoofing.

Interference detection is a key enabler for greater resiliency in critical infrastructure.

Orolia now offers GPS jamming detection as a standard feature for its flagship SecureSync® time servers. Now customers will not only receive the first DISA approved resilient timing and synchronization solution, they will also improve their Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) cybersecurity with this additional layer of detection.

Interference Detection Suite Precision Timing optionOverview




STL Precision Timing Option

Satellite Time and Location (STL) is a revolutionary new source for precision time based on the Iridium® constellation of satellites. With the reliance upon GPS and other GNSS signals becoming more and more common for critical applications, STL provides an ideal augmentation for these applications where "it just has to work." And with signal strengths approximately 1000x stronger, it can also provide high accuracy timing indoors where GPS and other GNSS signals can’t typically be reached.

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 STL Precision Timing Option Datasheet


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STL Precision Timing option





SecureSync 1200 Data Sheet SecureSync 2400 Datasheet Option Module Cards Datasheet





Enterprise-Class SecureSync NTP Server

SecureSync® combines Spectracom’s precision GPS master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design in a 1RU chassis to result in a powerful, scalable and flexible NTP appliance.

Supporting a wide variety of network synchronization and management protocols, the base model comes with a built-in 10/100 base-T Ethernet port for network management and high-performance NTP which can serve more than 7,500 NTP requests per second. It includes all the latest functions of NTPv4. It can be deployed in combination with other stratum-1 NTP server(s), can be used in a stratum-2 configuration, and can be expanded through option modules.






Orolia SecureSync LMR 

  • High bandwidth NTP performance

  • Stratum 1 via GPS and other references or Stratum 2

  • IEEE-1588 PTPv2 grandmaster option

  • Modular appliance supports variety of interfaces and timing signals including 3 additional 1 GbE ports

  • Multiple prioritized reference inputs

  • Internal precision time-keeping via TCXO, OCXO or Rb atomic clock

  • Secure web-based user interface

  • NTP over Anycast

  • Built-in network sync monitoring option

  • Secure network management: enable or disable protocols

  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack

  • Alert notifications via SNMP Traps and e-mail alerts

  • CLI/SSH access for automation and scripting

  • Multi-GNSS synchronization (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS)

  • STL option

  • Best-in-class 5-year warranty


Options Modules Extend Synchronization Capability

A unique capability of SecureSync is to add hardware options at initial deployment or later as your network grows. An option adds three (3) 10/100/1000 interfaces to deliver NTP to multiple isolated LAN segments at 1 GigE. Two other options add PTPv2 functionality to the unit. One option is for a configurable master/slave PTP operation over a 10/100 network interface. The other is for PTP grandmaster functionality at 1 GigE. Up to six (6) of either types of ports can be added. Each PTP port is configured and operates independently to improve PTP performance since its processor is independent of all others in the system.

Along with precision 10 MHz and 1PPS outputs, all other physical synchronization signals can be generated as options so you can leverage your networking timing deployment to specifi c devices. Many of these signals can be used as references for redundancy or for other applications such as syncing across security boundaries via optical fiber.

Reliability and Scalability Supports All Timing Network Architectures

Several features support reliability and redundancy. SecureSync can also be deployed without the expense of a multi-GNSS receiver to operate as a Stratum-2 server. Units within the same stratum can be set as NTP peers. Any other timing source can also be a reference, such as T1/E1, time code, 1PPS, etc. You set the priority from all the available references. An internal oscillator maintains timing accuracy if all references are lost. Choose from TCXO, 2 types of OCXO and Rubidium. Add STL to GPS or GNSS to improve resilience, or use STL alone for indoor applications.

A Network-centric Approach

SecureSync is a security-hardened network appliance designed to meet rigorous network security standards and best practices. It ensures tamper-proof management and extensive logging. Robust network protocols are used to allow for easy but secure configuration. Features can be enabled or disabled based on your network policies. Installation is aided by DHCP (IPv4), AUTOCONF (IPv6) or SLAAC, and a front-panel keypad and display, and a command-line interface. A modern web browser user interface supports confi guration unit and an optional monitor of synchronization quality throughout the network.

NTP Over Anycast

Orolia NTP services, implemented in its SecureSync and NetClock 9400 platforms, are compatible with an Anycast routing scheme. The NTP over Anycast feature is a combination of the time server’s ability to associate one of its network ports to an Anycast IP address and to remove itself as an available time source if there is a problem with its reference.




SecureSync PTP Grandmaster

As methods of data transfer evolve, so too does the need for increased speed in information transmission.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP), as defined by the IEEE 1588 standard, provides the most advanced method of synchronization over Ethernet networks. Spectracom supports Precision Time Protocol Version 2 (PTP v2) in its SecureSync PTP Grandmaster Clock system. The standard configuration includes up to 6 PTP ports to operate various PTP deployments, allowing for maximum scalability to handle the expansion of your network infrastructure.



Orolia SecureSync LMR


  • PTP grandmaster 1 GbE port via copper and fiber optic interfaces (SFP module)

  • Industry-best ±4ns time stamp resolution (HW time stamping)

  • Better than 25 nanosecond time stamp accuracy to UTC

  • Supports default, enterprise and telecom PTP profiles

  • STL Option - add alternative signals to GPS or GNSS input references to improve resilience, or use STL alone for indoor applications.

  • Provides multicast, unicast, and hybrid mode addressing

  • Available time code reader/ generator options

  • High bandwidth PTP performance

  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T communications port for set-up and management

  • Other PTP configurations are available

PTP Grandmaster Features

Equipped with the latest and most innovative 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit PTP Option Card on the market, the SecureSync High-Speed PTP Grandmaster Clock boasts industry-leading packet throughput and data processing power. The installment of an optional slave-ready 10/100 Mb PTP Option Card creates a powerful master-slave combination to satisfy even the most rigorous timing requirements.

Standard RF and fiber optic interfaces via SFP modules provide the ability to select between either of the two media relative to your specific needs, greatly reducing the effects of distance limitations within your system architecture.



SecureSync SAASM GPS Clock

SecureSync® SAASM combines Orolia’s precision time and frequency technology with secure Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) based GPS receiver.

This system was conceived specifically to satisfy the Joint Chiefs of Staff mandate that all newly-fielded Department of Defense GPS systems be SAASM-compliant (CJCSI 6130.01C: Enclosure E). SecureSync SAASM offers a choice between two SAASM receiver options: a 24-channel Miniature Ruggedized Unit (MRU) and a 12-channel Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM).

Orolia SecureSync LMR 

  • SAASM available in GB-GRAM and MRU receivers

  • Synchronizes to military signal P(Y) code SAASM GPS receiver and civil signal C/A-Code

  • Hot start capable via DAGR/PLGR connectors

  • A wide variety of input/output signals supported

    • IRIG timecode generation

    • Precision, low-phase, frequency

    • Precise timing

    • Timecode generation: IRIG, STANAG, HaveQuick

  • STL Option - add alternative signals to GPS or GNSS input references to improve resilience, or use STL alone for indoor applications.

  • Network-centric design

  • Secure system with the latest network management tools

  • Robust web-based user interface

  • High-performance NTP server; PTP grandmaster option

  • Modular (configure-to-order) ruggedized shock and vibration tested chassis

  • Exceptional operating temperature range of -20°C to +65°C



Mission critical military applications will benefit from SecureSync SAASM’s extreme reliability, security, and flexibility. An important advantage of SecureSync SAASM is its ruggedized shock and vibration tested chassis, designed to meet MIL-STD-810F for environmental performance. The base unit provides an extremely accurate 1PPS timing signal aligned to a 10 MHz frequency signal without any 10 MHz phase discontinuity. An assortment of internal oscillator options is available to fulfill a broad range of requirements for holdover and phase noise.



SecureSync M-Code

SecureSync® M-Code combines Orolia’s precision time and frequency technology with an ultra-secure M-code GPS receiver. SecureSync M-code includes the latest generation of modernized security architecture, modernized anti-spoofing and anti-jamming for GPS-degraded environments, operations in mixed P(Y)-code and M-code constellations, accelerated Direct-Y and Direct-M code acquisitions, and Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR).



Orolia SecureSync LMR 



SecureSync Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Master Oscillator

The SecureSync® platform was designed for the rigors of time and frequency synchronization For Land Mobile Radio.

SecureSync® combines Orolia’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design to bring you a powerful time & frequency reference system for Public Safety LMR, Military, and commercial applications.

Simulcast systems rely on precise time and frequency to ensure the reliability of critical communications systems such as police radio. This configuration of SecureSync is a drop-in replacement for the earlier generation of Ageless® Master Oscillators (models 8194/95/97). It can be configured for the specific needs of the system.

SecureSync® combines Orolia’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design to bring you a powerful time & frequency reference system for simulcast systems and other critical land mobile radio applications.


Orolia SecureSync LMR



  • Multiple, prioritized input references - GPS, PTP, internal
  • Internal precision time-keeping via OCXO or Rb oscillator
  • A wide variety of output signals supported via modularity
  • Built-in NTP server; PTP master/slave options
  • Precise frequency references for carrier accuracy
  • Synchronized CTCSS outputs
  • Configurable 1PPS offsets
  • Telecom frequency and data rate synchronization

An important advantage of SecureSync is its unique rugged and flexible modular chassis that can be configured for your specific needs. Built-in time and frequency functions are extended with up to 6 input/output modules. Included with the base unit is an extremely accurate 1PPS timing signal aligned to a 10 MHz frequency signal without any phase discontinuity. A variety of internal oscillators (typically locked to GPS) are available depending on your requirement for holdover and phase noise.



Skyight Indoor GPS Timing System

The solution for indoor GPS timing.

Consisting of an indoor GPS antenna panel, a configuration of Spectracom's SecureSync modular GPS time server and an interconnect cable, Skylight opens up new opportunities for accurate GPS time.




Orolia Skylight GPS Indoor Antenna





The Orolia Online Manuals are quick and easy to access. For more detailed information, download the User Reference Guides (12MB to 15MB each.) 


Open the SecureSync 1200 Online Manual Open the SecureSync 2400 Online Manual Open the NetClock 9400 Online Manual
 Download the SecureSync 1200 User Reference Guide  Download the SecureSync 2400 User Reference Guide Download the NetClock 9400 User Reference Guide