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Tektronix Delivers Industry’s First 10 GHz Oscilloscope with 4, 6 or 8 Channels

New 6 Series delivers significant innovation with increased bandwidth, lower noise and more channels than similar products in its class.

BEAVERTON, Ore., September 15, 2020: Tektronix, Inc. today announced the availability of the new 6 Series B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) which extends the performance threshold of the Tektronix Mainstream Oscilloscopes Portfolio to 10 GHz and 50 GS/sec. Developed to meet the demand for high-speed data movement and processing in embedded designs, the enhanced 6 Series B MSO offers leading signal fidelity with12-bit ADCs and extremely low noise, 10 GHz bandwidth and up to 8 FlexChannel™ inputs, enabling users to confidently analyze and debug today’s embedded systems while enjoying exceptional ease of use. Alongside the 6 Series B MSO, Tektronix is also introducing the new TDP7710 TriMode™ Probe, which extends the line of TriMode™ probes to match the advancements of the new oscilloscope.

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Tektronix Introduces the 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope Platform with Support for 56GBd and 28GBd applications

New optical transceiver test platform reduces test time and boasts repeatability, addressing test challenges for optical manufactures striving to meet demand for increased bandwidth and network capacity.

BEAVERTON, Ore., August 20, 2020: Tektronix, Inc. today announced the new 8 Series sampling platform, a disaggregated modular instrument series boasting parallel acquisition, with up to 4 channels per mainframe and the highest measurement accuracy for PAM4 optical signals on multiple inputs simultaneously. The 8 Series consists of the TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope Mainframe, optical sampling modules, and TSOVu, a new software platform that runs independent of the mainframe on host PC for both live and offline processing of acquired data. Tektronix also introduces the TCR801, an external optical clock recovery module which covers dual band ranges around both 26GBd and 53GBd. These instruments and software provide a platform solution for fast acquisition and analysis.

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Tektronix Enhances Entry Solutions Portfolio with Expanded TBS1000C Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The new TBS1000C series is designed to meet the needs of today's educational institutions, embedded design engineers and maker community.

BEAVERTON, Ore., August 4, 2020: Tektronix, Inc. today announced the availability of the new TBS1000C Digital Storage Oscilloscope, a cost-sensitive addition to the test and measurement company's entry portfolio and an expansion of the TBS1000 series. The TBS1000C series boasts a 7-inch WVGA color display with up to 1 GS/s sample rate and bandwidths from 50 MHz to 200 MHz. This series also includes Tektronix's HelpEverywhere® system, which provides useful tips and hints throughout the user interface, increasing approachability for new users. In addition to the TBS1000C series, Tektronix released the 3 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope in 2019 and the TBS2000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope series earlier in 2020, broadening its portfolio of benchtop solutions.

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Audio Precision Releases APx Software Version 6.0

Correlated Cross-Domain Measurement & Reduced Test Time.

Version 6.0 of APx500 audio measurement software offers multiple simultaneous input types

BEAVERTON, OREGON, June 10, 2020: Audio Precision today released the latest update to APx500 audio measurement software, version 6.0. With this release, APx software supports multiple simultaneous input types, enabling the concurrent measurement of up to 16 channels of digital and 8 channels of analog audio data. This new multi-input capability, paired with the highest channel count and widest range of digital I/O available, provides APx users critical cross-domain insight and the opportunity to reduce testing time.



A Strategic Change to Vicom’s Business in New Zealand

Vicom is now offering the complete range of VIAVI (formerly JDSU) products

Following a strategic review of its business, Vicom (in Australia and New Zealand) has decided that we can better serve our customers by offering the complete range of VIAVI (formerly JDSU) products, rather than just the ‘AvComm’ (Wireless and Avionics) products that VIAVI acquired when it purchased the Aeroflex business from Cobham in 2018.



Flexibility Redefined: the APx500 Flex Audio Analyzer

Bringing the power and versatility of APx500 measurement software to 3rd party audio interfaces—at an unbelievable price

BEAVERTON, OREGON, October 1, 2019: Audio Precision announced today the APx500 Flex audio analyzer, enabling the use of APx audio measurement software with ASIO-capable third-party audio interfaces or sound cards. With the introduction of APx500 Flex, manufacturers can cost-effectively deploy the measurement capabilities, flexibility and quality of APx software to their production lines.



Tektronix Expands Performance Oscilloscopes with New 13 GHz and 16 GHz Models

New DPO70000SX Series Scopes Offer Key Advantages for High-Speed Serial Standards for Consumer, Automotive, Military/Aerospace Applications

BEAVERTON, Ore., July 1, 2019 -- Tektronix, Inc. today announced the expansion of its scalable DPO70000SX Series Performance Oscilloscope to include new 13 GHz and 16 GHz models. The new offerings allow engineers to take advantage of the high sample rate and low noise floor of Tektronix’ highest performance family of oscilloscopes at lower bandwidth levels and more affordable price points.



Tektronix Redefines Oscilloscopes Market with New 3 Series MDO, 4 Series MSO

With an Award-Winning Industrial Design and the Largest Display in their Class, Tektronix Delivers an Unparalleled User Experience and More Choices for All Engineers.

BEAVERTON, Ore., June 4, 2019 -- Tektronix, Inc. today added two new oscilloscopes to its product line up with the launch of the 3 Series MDO and the 4 Series MSO. Engineered for a wide range of demanding applications at an affordable price, Tektronix’ new mind-range oscilloscopes have been reimagined with the award-winning user experience and industrial design first introduced in the 5 and 6 Series MSOs. Built from the engineer up, the 3 Series MDO and the 4 Series MSO round out Tektronix’ portfolio of oscilloscopes.



Audio Precision Releases APx Software Version 5.0

Adds transfer function measurement, enabling cross-spectral analysis of arbitrary, broadband signals

BEAVERTON, OREGON, December 18, 2018: Audio Precision announced today the availability of APx audio measurement software version 5.0. With this release, AP has added the ability to measure the transfer function of electronic audio and electroacoustic devices using any broadband signal. Release 5.0 also enables electronic activation of software option licenses, eliminating the iButton requirement for such options with earlier versions of APx audio measurement software.



Audio Precision Introduces B Series APx Audio Analysers

Audio Precision introduces B Series APx Analyzers, including improved specs and capabilities for flagship audio analyser

BEAVERTON, OREGON, December 18, 2018: Audio Precision announced today the introduction of the APx555 B Series analyzer, part of their B Series APx audio analyzers. Already the market leader in audio test performance, the second-generation APx555 offers improved sine generator frequency stability, lower system residual distortion, single-ended, balanced analog output and an optional ADC test mode which provides VBias, a common mode DC Bias.



Tektronix Delivers More Speed & Lowest Noise for Increased Measurement Confidence with 6 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The First Midrange Scope with 8 GHz Bandwidth and 25 GS/s Sample Rate Simultaneously on all 4 Channels Saves Embedded Systems Designers Time, Protects Investments.

BEAVERTON, Ore., July 17, 2018 -- Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, today introduced the 6 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope. The new oscilloscope extends the performance threshold of midrange oscilloscopes to 8 GHz and delivers a 25 GS/s sample rate simultaneously on all 4 channels – an industry first for this class of oscilloscope – to accommodate the needs of designers working on faster, more complex embedded systems designs. With 25 GS/s sample rate on all channels, designers can accurately now view up to four high-speed signals at one time. For example, a DDR3 clock and three DDR3 data channels can be viewed and analyzed simultaneously, decreasing the time it takes to fully characterize a design with an instrument that shares sampling systems between channels.



Tektronix Breaks Innovation Barrier AGAIN By Redefining Mid-Range Oscilloscopes.

New 5 Series MSO Delivers 4, 6, or 8 Channels with FlexChannel Technology, Massive HD Capacitive Touch Display, Advanced UI, and Optional Windows OS. Unprecedented Flexibility and Unmatched Visibility into Complex Embedded Systems

6 June 2017

BEAVERTON, Ore.June 6, 2017 -- Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, has again broken through the innovation barrier with the introduction of the new 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope. To better meet modern electronics design challenges, the 5 Series MSO redefines the midrange oscilloscope with a host of innovations including the industry's first FlexChannel™ technology that allows 4, 6 or 8 analog channels and up to 64 digital channels, integrated protocol analysis and signal generator, a new 12-bit signal acquisition system, a massive high-definition capacitive touch display, and a highly intuitive Direct Access user interface – delivering unprecedented flexibility and unmatched visibility into complex embedded systems.

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Productively save – conduct your own low cost pre-compliance testing

9 April 2016

Failing verification or qualification of wireless technologies within a new product design increases developmental costs and delays the product release. Similarly, an EMI compliance  test is expensive and  failure  can also put the product schedule at risk. 

Contact Us for this white paper to learn how to set up your own pre-compliance testing to isolate problem areas and rectify before you go to a compliance test house. 


11 Tips to Overcome IoT Power Management Challenges

6 April 2016

IoT device battery life can range from a couple of days to 30 years. To reduce energy consumption and optimise batter life, you need to accurately determine the power consumption of each device component, as well as overall operation on a system level.

Contact Us for this white paper for 11 key IoT device power management challenges and the solutions to overcome each of them.


Tektronix Expands Integrated Instrument Portfolio with MDO4000C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

8 December 2015

New series combines up to six snstruments in one unit; provides synchronized views of Analog, Digital Waveforms and Spectrum Traces.



There's Never Been a Better Time to buy a Tektronix Oscilloscope

18 November 2015

Until December 31st 2015, Vicom and Tektronix are have three special promotions, offering oscilloscpe packages at very atractive prices. See which one is right for you!



Discover The New Powerful, Affordable, Portable USB Spectrum Analyser 

15 September 2015

Find out how the Tektronix RSA306 puts RF signal analysis in Your Hands!



Tektronix "Power Up Your Scope"  Special Offer

14 September 2015

Limited time sales program ends 30th September 2015. For a limited time, you can get your award-winning mixed domain oscilloscopes with free spectrum analyser upgrades and free protocol decode and analysis options.




14 August 2015

TEKTRONIX & KEITHLEY products are now available from Vicom. Effective August 14 2015 Vicom New Zealand has been appointed a full portfolio distributor for Tektronix and Keithley products.



Tektronix "Education Bundle" Special Offer

14 July 2015

From July 1st to December 31st 2015, Vicom and Tektronix are offering a special sale price to Educators on TekSmartLabTM 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 packages comprised of an oscilloscope, arbitrary function generator digital multimer and /or dc power supply.



Bird SiteHawk End of Financial Year Special Offer

6 May 2015

Cable/Antenna Analyser in a Pocket Package includes free cal combo for limited time.



New RF Signal Generator Series from Tektronix Leads the Industry in Price-Performance

24 March 2015

BEAVERTON, Ore., March 3, 2015 - Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of test,measurement and monitoring instrumentation, today introduced the TSG4100A series of signal generators. The TSG4100A is a vector signal generator (VSG) at the affordable price of a basic signal generator.



Powerful Applications to Supercharge your Tektronix Scope

22 February 2015

Save up to $13,710 on software options for protocol analysis, limit & mask testing and power analysis when you buy all options as a bundle with this
limited time offer available until 31st March 2015.




6 November 2014

Small and easy to use, this cable/antenna analyser stores thousands of traces for analysis and reporting and offers Measure Match and Distance to Fault functions.




30 October 2014

Singapore. Oct. 30, 2014 – Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, today announced the appointment of Vicom as a Tektronix Full Portfolio Distributor in Australia, covering a range of Tektronix and Keithley instrumentation.




22 October 2014

Want an advanced economical, portable radio test set with internal battery, 50W power handling and a really big screen?