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The IFR4000 and IFR6000 have been supporting global maintenance testing needs for multiple airborne systems. These test sets have reached the end of their life cycle paving the way for a new comprehensive all-in-one test solution, the VIAVI AVX-10K Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Flight Line Test Set.

We deeply value the relationship we have built with you over the years and want to provide the support needed for a seamless transition to the future of avionics testing with the AVX-10K.

The AVX-10K is now fully equivalent to the IFR4000 and IFR6000. We would like to extend an attractive trade-in offer to all our customers for their legacy equipment 

We are offering a tiered structure discount based on the quantity of IFR4000 and/or IFR6000 units the customer would like to trade. Please contact us to find out the discounts values. >>>


What other equipment will we accept and what is the discount?
In addition to the IFR4000 / IFR6000, we will accept legacy or competitor equipment for a lesser discount. This can include, but is not limited to:

Legacy VIAVI (IFR Equipment) and comparable comptetitors equipment may also qualify. 

  • NAV-401/402
  • ATC-600/601
  • TCAS-201

Comparable Equipment

  • TIC TR-220
  • TIC TR-220
  • TIC TR-36
  • TIC T-47
  • CCX T-RX
  • Laversab ARTS-7000

Valid Until December 22, 2023.



Complete the form if you are interested in this offer and a vicom represetitive will be in touch.










Ready to boost your testing and measurement game? Vicom is here to help you step into the future with our ground-breaking offer on the 4 Series, 5 Series B, and 6 Series B oscilloscopes. Say goodbye to the old and embrace the new – the revolution starts now!

Upgrade and Save!
Experience innovation like never before with up to a 30% discount on a brand-new 4 Series, 5 Series B, or 6 Series B oscilloscope when you trade in your qualifying used Tektronix or competitor oscilloscope.

Upgrade from Competitor Models: Enjoy a stunning 30% discount on your new Tektronix oscilloscope.

Trade-in Discontinued Models: Secure an impressive 20% discount on a cutting-edge Tektronix scope.

Scopes That Qualify:
It's time to revitalize your testing arsenal! The traded-in oscilloscope must meet these requirements. 

Bandwidth ≥ 1 GHz
Operating system: Windows or Linux
Working condition
Less than 12 years old

Please note it does not have to be a Tektronix Oscilloscope. Contact us for a detailed list of oscilliscopes that are eligble.  

Ready to Elevate Your Performance?
Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! Ignite your engineering prowess with Tektronix's cutting-edge technology, unmatched precision, and top-tier performance.

To seize this limited-time offer, get in touch with vicom sales now. Elevate your testing and measurement – it's time to embrace the future. Sale ends December 22, 2023.

Valid Until December 22 2023.



Contact us for a detailed list of oscilliscopes that are eligble!










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